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Bethel Bible Church is very happy to welcome Pastor Andrew Brown, his wife Melodie, and their 9 children into our church family as of March 23, 2024. Pastor Andrew says ministry has been his life. He enjoys taking the scriptures and teaching it in a way that is exciting and relevant to the listeners. He believes the church should feed all people, from those simply questioning, to seasoned believers. He desires to challenge believers to grow in their relationship with Christ, to grow their spiritual gifts and share them with their community. 

Andrew and his family have only recently returned from their missionary journeys in Guatemala where they have spent years ministering to the people they worked with there. He started an evangelical Mountain Ministry from the roots up in Guatemala and has 8 years experience serving street youth in a foreign orphanage. Andrew will generate an open and welcoming atmosphere where ever God places him and his family; which today we are happy to say is in the midst of our community here in Seaforth and area.

Welcome Pastor Andrew and your family!  We look forward to a long and fruit-filled ministry here at Bethel Bible Church.