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In 2020, Pastor Laurie will be digger deeper into the sermon series: Tensions and Questions.  This series deals with apparent contradictions, tensions or truths that seemingly are difficult to resolve in Scripture. Each Sunday, his sermon will be based on questions shared by the congregation of Bethel Bible Church when asked to share the most difficult parts to understand or resolve in the mind while reading Scripture and attempting to understand and obey the teachings of God’s Word.

While it can be a challenging series, Pastor Laurie trusts that the messages will be helpful as we look at the teachings of Scripture in balance.

December 29 – Pastor Laurie – “What’s on the horizon for believers’ – a heaven bound focus
January 5 – Pastor Laurie – The meaning and practice of believer’s baptism
January 12 – Pastor Laurie – Christ’s priesthood versus our priesthood of all believers.
January 19 – Healing – automatic, guaranteed or possible? – Luke 11 versus James 5
January 26 – Pastor Laurie - Sabbath versus Lord’s Day
February 2 – Pastor Laurie - Is ‘Christian’ understood in our society in a biblical way or a cultural way?
February 9 – Pastor Laurie - Is our will really free?
February 16 – Pastor Laurie - The wedge of hostility with unbelievers because of our lack of circumspect godly living
February 19 – Pastor Laurie - Jesus brings peace or division -which is it?
March 1 – Guest speaker
March 8 – Pastor Laurie – Why pray for specifics if all is determined?
March 15 – Pastor Laurie - Are equality and complementarian compatible biblically?
March 22 – Pastor Laurie – Jesus fulfills Old Testament Promises – 1
March 29 – Creation Ministries speaker

Break for Easter Series
April 5 – Palm Sunday – Pastor Laurie – Jesus fulfills Old Testament Promises – 2
Thursday April 9 – 7 p.m. Maundy Thursday Communion service
Friday April 10 – 10 a.m. Good Friday Service
April 12 – Easter Sunday – Christ’s Resurrection leads to our resurrection

April 19 – Pastor Laurie – Jesus Christ in the Old Testament – 1
April 26 – Jesus Christ in the Old Testament – 2


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