We have made a few adjustments to the Fall Sermon and Service schedule.  Here is an overview for the remainder of 2021 and the start of 2022, including our focus for Advent in 2021:

Sunday November 14 – A large heart versus a lean hear 

Sunday November 21 A Sound and upright heart versus a deceived heart 

COMMUNION Sunday November 28 – A circumcised heart versus a deceitful heart 

Sunday December 5 – Special missionary service with the Baan family 

Sunday December 12 – A perfect heart  -   

Sunday December 19 – A Merry heart versus a discouraged heart 

 Friday December 24 – Christmas Eve Service by candlelight 

 Sunday December 26 – Advent/Christmas/New Year -  Christ is coming – The Old Testament Tells us  

 COMMUNION Sunday January 2 – The character required for successful Christian leadership 

 Sunday January 9 – The standing orders for the church – launching Bethel forward for the future