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This year, Bethel will be sending two mission teams to Mexico and Colombia:

Between February 16-26, a group will be participating in a mission trip in conjunction with the organization “Children of Hope” (based in BC and Mexico). The trip is to Casa Hogar Esperanza Parati (Hope for the Children) and Pan de Vida (Bread of Hope) in Mexico. They welcome our help at these orphanages. We want to ask for your participation and support in helping these kids. Your encouragement through prayer and financial assistance will contribute to the success of these orphanages. We have been here in years past and look forward to contributing to the huge progress they have made.

Between March 16-26, the second group will be traveling to La Aljaba (The Quiver), a children's home in Leticia, Colombia, in conjuction with Camino Global. While there, the team will be involved in building projects, maintenance, and other areas of need at the home. The purpose of this short-term mission is to provide financial and physical aide to the home which plays a vital role in the community.

Each team hopes to raise $ 2000 each, at least one week before they leave. Any support you could offer would be greatly appreciated. All funds raised will be used at each orphanage and for the children who live there. Travel and accommodation costs will be paid by ourselves and funds donated by the churches partnering in this outreach. Please join in sharing the love of Jesus through this ministry.

The teams continue to ask God to guide our comings and goings as we interact with the children and fellow workers on this project. Our plea to you is that you pray for us - individually and also as a part of a team. Please remember us in prayer for safe travel, good health and an insatiable desire to present God's love as we share our faith and resources with these children and one another.

There will be a commissioning service on February 11 for the Mexico team, and on March 11 for the Colombia team. 

There will be a a mission team report on Sunday morning, April 15 for the Colombia team, and May 20 for the Mexico team.  If you have any questions, we encourage you to attend or contact us as 519.527.0982.